Chocó Base

Más Arte Más Acción is a non-profit cultural foundation that generates critical thinking through art. The foundation’s base, on Colombia’s Pacific Coast, is the source of inspiration for artists and other professionals who are invited to explore wide-ranging social and environmental issues.

Between 2012 and 2016 MaMa’s Nuevatopias programme was designed to mark the 500th anniversary of the term Utopia. Critical reflections were compiled in three books Nowhere, Better Than and This Place.

From 2017 MaMa continues to focus on the relationships between people and the natural environment.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are participants selected?  Through research and direct invitation or by open call.
  • Can a project be submitted to MaMa?  Yes, a brief description can be emailed to
  • Can the Chocó Base be visited independently?  Yes, for more information write to


A Brief History of MaMa

Between 2000 and 2006 the artist Fernando Arias leads the projects Niños PAZificos and Casa ChocoLate in Nuquí, supported by the Prince Claus Foundation.

In 2010 Fernando Arias and arts manager Jonathan Colin create MaMa, a non-profit foundation registered at the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce.

In 2011 the Chocó Base is built, designed by Atelier Van Lieshout.  Supported by the Mondrian Foundation / MaMa joins Arts Collaboratory / The video “Desde Adentro” is screened at the New York Independent Film and Video Festival.

In 2012 MaMa, Lugar a Dudas and Casa Tres Patios organise the Arts Collaboratory assembly in Colombia / MaMa initiates the Coqui community garden and 1st Gastronomy Festival / Arias is commissioned to produce the opening ceremony at the Prince Claus awards in Amsterdam.

In 2013 MaMa opens an office in Bogotá.

In 2014 MaMa proposes MINGA to Arts Collaboratory / Participate in the AC Assembly in Indonesia and AC Tent of the Sao Paulo Biennial / Arias presents the video ABEL commissioned for the ceremony of Prince Claus awards in Amsterdam.

In 2015 MaMa participates in the AC Assembly in Senegal / Creates alliance with Goethe institute of Bogotá and participates in Episodes of the South with Goethe Institute Sao Paulo, Brazil / Participates in artCOP21 in Paris / Presented MaMa to London audiences at the Shoreditch Bunker.

In 2016 MaMa attends AC Tent in Mexico and AC Assembly in Kyrgyzstan / The annual meeting of Latin American Goethe institutes is held at MaMa’s studio Bogotá / Arias and Colin carry out a research residency in Sri Lanka with AC partner Theertha.

Core team
Alejandra Rojas
Fernando Arias
Jonathan Colin

Project support
Carmenza Rojas

Paola Pérez Castañeda

Rossana Alarcón

Margarita Benítez
Elsa Cuevas
Matilde Niño

Chocó Base
Marino Arias
Laura Martínez

Fernando Arias
Jorge Bula
Elkin Calderón
Jonathan Colin
Camila Gutiérrez

Advisors and collaborators
Ana Garzón Sabogal
Erna von der Walde

Natalia Arias
Stephany López
Carolina Rincón
Andrés Vélez
Sebastián Bright

Chocó Base was designed in order to create a space for reflection and critical thinking. To create something really extraordinary, we invite Joep van Lieshout to imagine and design this space. This video takes you on a visit to MaMa’s main house and the Chocó Base designed by Joep Van Lieshout, located 40 minute by boat south of Nuquí, by the Colombian Pacific coast.   More about the Chocó Base here.   The construction of Chocó Base was made possible thanks to the support of Arts Collaboratory and the Mondrian, Hivos and Doen Foundations.

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Amigos de Más Arte
Amigos de Más Arte