For the fourth version of MaMa’s Global Soundscape we invited artists to create a one-minute audio that relates to utopia.

500 years ago the term utopia was coined by Thomas More.  And over the centuries utopia has generated literary genres and philosophies that imagine alternatives to existing political and social models.

For the 5 years leading up to and including 2016, MaMa invited artists to consider utopia in relation to today’s global challenges-  and to mark 500 years of the publication of More’s book Utopia, we invited artists to make noise.


Sebastián Alvarado (Colombia)
Michael Ilg (Costa Rica)
Ashish Sachan (India)
Fernando Sierra (Colombia)
Juan Felipe Martinez (Colombia)
Joaquín F. Lepeley (Colombia)
Julián Suárez  (Colombia)
Alejandro Cuéllar González y Sofía Duarte (Colombia)
Ana María Romano (Colombia)
Camilo Ibarra (Colombia)
Cindy Vanessa Díaz (Colombia)
Daniel Martínez (Colombia)
Juan Daniel Pinzon, Andres Felipe Pabón, Laura Serrato y Juan Camilo Quintero (Colombia)
Jorge Ugarte (Colombia)
Brigitte Coopmans (Netherlands)
Nestor Franco – Bagual Project (Colombia)
Fernando Arias (Colombia)
Felipe Rodríguez (Colombia)
Carlos Segura (Costa Rica)
Rupert Cole (Inglaterra)

Sound Editing: Ricardo Gallo
Amigos de Más Arte
Amigos de Más Arte