Day 4 // Sightseeing

The places we visited are cultural anchors for Nuquí. They confirmed the richness, the potential and the ways of conceiving the universe, the development and the potential of the Afro-descendant people of the Pacific and the Embera indigenous communities. It also allowed us to enter the beautiful mangrove biome where the waters of the river meet the waters of the sea.

Community-based tourism is a commitment to the economy of the different communities that make up Nuquí and its villages. The relationship with nature and care for knowledge, culture and biodiversity is, at this time, one of the alternatives in the face of State neglect and structural racism.

In the roots of the mangrove swamp, when the tide goes out it is possible to harvest the piangua. We are given a metaphor to find new treasures when the energy goes down, when it is necessary to gather ourselves together and when the cycles of entanglement come to an end.

Museo de los Abuelos

Picture by PaulaOG


Lobos de Manglar

“Go scattering seeds wherever we can, because one day they will be born somewhere.”
Ayda Nelly

There was a moment in this trip when we closed our eyes and connected with the mangrove, we spread a lot of love to this ecosystem. We sailed over it. At one point we got entangled in the mangroves, it was a very beautiful moment in silence, feeling ourselves also caught there, “entangled”.
—Ana Maria Arango