Day 5 // Thinking of Kassel

From the particular cultural, social, political and artistic stakes of each organisation, Más Arte y Más Acción convened to generate a space that we call Lumbung Nuquí, within the framework of Documenta Fifteen. One of the purposes is to think and imagine what will happen in Kassel, a German city where we will have a one hundred day exhibition between June and September 2022. But this is not the only purpose.

Photos by PaulaOG

As MAMA, we want to decentralise and become an organisation in an ecosystem, to become entangled in common interests and particularities, asking ourselves: what does it mean that these bodies, struggles and histories meet in Kassel, a foreign territory that has a violent historical relationship with the Global South, but where we have also found allies? How can we take advantage of this space and resources in terms of our agendas, whether shared or not? We propose that we develop possibilities for networking, weaving networks to create long term links.