Postcards from the Future

Type: Feature film

Length: 1’20”

Co-producers: En Puja Communications Collective, Puerto Creativo Collectives, Tura Hip Hop Foundation, Yemayá Productions and Más Arte Más Acción

Postcards from the Future is the first feature film of the more than five-year collaboration between the En Puja Communications Collective from Nuquí and the collectives Puerto Creativo, Fundación Tura Hip Hop, Yemayá Producciones from Buenaventura and Más Arte Más Acción. Created through a series of six audiovisual letters that were produced in the format of collective artistic residencies for creation and training in documentary filmmaking.

The letters explore the notion of ‘future’ and ‘seaport’ that intertwine the reality of two territories: Buenaventura, the city with the most important commercial seaport in the Colombian Pacific; and the Gulf of Tribugá in Nuquí, a municipality with a great tradition of conservation of the marine-coastal ecosystem, threatened during the last decade by the possible construction of a seaport.

Postcards of the Future has been part of a collective effort between the communities of the municipality of Nuquí and its community councils, territorial leaders, artists, non-governmental organisations, universities, activists and a large part of civil society who have so far managed to stop the attempts to build this port, promoting visions of wellbeing and sovereignty for the territory.

Participation in exhibitions and festivals:

16 September: International premiere, Gloria Theatre as part of Lumbung Films at documenta fifteen (Kassel, Germany).

First screening of the film Postcards from the Future, a series of audiovisual postcards between Nuquí and Buenaventura in the Colombian Pacific and Q&A with the filmmakers.

22 September: ACUD MACHT (Berlin, Germany)

3 November: FICCALI (Cali) – National premiere. Collectivities and Identities slot on day 3 of the Research Seminar + Selection Cine Sin Límites – Teatrino La Tertulia

11 November: Assembly of GICPA (Grupo Institucional y Comunitario de Pesca Artesanal – Nuquí)

19, 22, 24 November: Film Festival for Human Rights (Bogotá)

25 and 27 November: 7th Afro Festival (Bogotá): In the Short Film Programme 2: Migration and Displacement @ Cinemateca de Bogotá

2 and 4 December: Pacific Lens (Buenaventura)

Special thanks to the Goethe-Institut, documenta fifteen, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Colombian Embassy in Germany and Mauricio Vergara “Morris” for making this film possible and to all those who have been part of this project:

Mayor’s Office of Nuquí

Altiplano S.A.S.

Ambulante Más Allá

Arts Collaboratory

Centro Cultural Banco de la República of Buenaventura

General Community Council Los Riscales

Mexican Embassy in Colombia

Buenaventura Workshop School Foundation

Mar Viva Foundation

Ministry of Culture

OjoAgua Cinema

Parnaso Estudios

Amigos de Más Arte
Amigos de Más Arte