We invite artists, musicians, sound designers, noise experimenters and anyone else with an interest to send audio clips inspired by Luis Daniel Vega’s statement that:Hearing serves to sanction the present and predict it. Your audios will contribute to the reflections raised by this statement and together they will form the fourth edition of Global Soundscapes. 

Más Arte Más Acción, Idartes’ CK:\WEB station, El Exploratorio del Parque Explora and EterLab join forces to open the call for Presentes Sonoros – Global Soundscapes.  It forms part of Auditum – Semana de la Escucha, which takes place in Medellín from 16th to 21st July 2019.

“Hearing serves to sanction the present and predict it.”

In the introduction to The Sound Landscape and the Tuning of the Ear (1993), Raymond Murray Schafer wisely quotes verses by Walt Whitman: “Now I will do nothing else but listen (…) I hear all the sounds, which run together, combine, / merge, succeed each other:/ the sounds of the city and those outside it, the sounds of day and night (…)”. In what were once considered incendiary elegies, the Canadian composer and environmentalist supports his encyclopaedic reflection that basically deals with the sounds that matter. And this, fortunately, is not a foolish Manichean deliberation, but a questioning about the acoustic matter that surrounds us.

This sonorous environment -not background noise- as Schafer has called it, is a sort of intimate reverberation of the political, social, technological and natural eventualities of the place in which we live. Aren’t you wondering what we listen to and why we listen? One of the many possible answers is given by the Spanish essayist Ramón Andrés when he delves into the auditory perception before the music: “To hear, to listen, is to perceive, and to perceive leads to thinking”.

Modern formalism – with its bundle of technocratic philosophers, stock market poems and fictions flashing on liquid screens – has stripped us of acoustic thinking. Today, in the dictatorship of the immediate image, the rituals of listening have been displaced. Right now it is difficult for us to shudder as our parents or grandparents did when they first heard the noises of cars and planes, or the music that, like a matter of magic, emanated from the rudimentary horns of a gramophone. Much less do we suspect the primordial astonishment of the first men and women when, exposed to the sonorous randomness of nature, they experienced what Andres has named as the “ancestral forms of zozobra”, which may well be the hustle and bustle of the twilight birds, the strident vibration of the revealed insects, the lullaby of the river, the hissing murmur of the wind or the bursting of thunder.

Domesticated and normalized, today the possibility of discerning through the ear has been taken away from us. These are times of sound pollution that take us away from questions about our future.

It remains for us, then, to learn to listen again.

Such an adventure involves wandering and silence. In this way we can be alert and discover those sounds that reveal to us abstract stories or reliable portraits of the “now”. We can be sound architects who endow the noise with beauty or we simply let it pass in its most coarse and elementary state. It is imperative to return to the sensibility of the audible ” (…) to sanction the now and predict it”. It will also be a patrimonial exercise that hides the extraordinary paradox of radically inventing the past through an acoustic osmosis of the present.

We still have time to prolong a perhaps atavistic illusion: that we are not robbed of the sound of the world. 

Luis Daniel Vega

The material received will be played during Auditum – Listening Week and will be raw material for the “Taller Espacio.Sonoro” directed by CK:\WEB in the company of artists Brian Mackern (Uruguay) and Daniel Gómez (Colombia). This meeting, to be held in Bogotá, will develop an online web interface of mixing, synthesis and sound experimentation in real time. 

Call Guidelines:

Raw, edited or sound compositions with a maximum duration of 2 minutes in WAV (preferably) or AIFF format of no more than 10 MB.
The material should be sent via the following form: https://forms.gle/HGhK2jYGW3F14AnT9
By submitting the call audio clips you are accepting that they are licensed under a Creative Commons – CCbySA license.
The sounds will be part of Auditum – Listening Week and will be broadcast on CK:\WEB and other platforms.

Key dates:
JUNE 6: Open call
JUNE 28: Call for proposals closes
JULY 3: Announcement of audios that meet technical requirements.
JULY 10 to 13:Workshop “Espacio.Sonoro” directed by CK: \ WEB in Bogotá, with the artists Brian Mackern and Daniel Gómez whose input will be the audios sent.

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Amigos de Más Arte